Privacy Notice

privacy notice

Eton S.C. located in Av. Santa Lucía No. 220, Col. Prados de la Montaña, C.P. 05619, Cuajimalpa, México D.F., (hereinafter "The Responsible" hereby presents this Privacy Notice, according to the Law Regarding Personal Information Collected by Individuals and/or Private Institutions (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares), and the corresponding Regulations (hereinafter the "Law"), to inform about the management of personal, financial or property and/or sensitive personal information of students, applicants, graduates, and parents and guardians; and to guarantee how this information shall be obtained, used, released and/or stored.

Personal Information Subject to Management.- The personal information you provide or have already provided The Responsible with, either in writing or orally, or online through the web page, and any other means, shall enclose, including but not limited to, the following information: complete name, parents´ or guardians´ and/or siblings’ names, age, place and date of birth, nationality/ties, sex, civil status, e-mail, address, telephone numbers, Federal Tax Identification Number, Single Population Record Number, studies, professional license number, diplomas, school backgrounds, name and address of previous schools, grades and transcripts produced by other academic institutions, contact information in case an emergency, personal references, signature, photographs, fingerprints, peculiarities, among others, as well as a copy of the pertinent documents to prove the aforementioned information.

Sensitive Personal Financial or Property Information.- In order to fulfill the objective of this Privacy Notice, the following personal financial or property and/or sensitive information are, have been, and shall be collected: income and expenditure, bank account numbers, tax information, payroll receipts, report produced by the credit bureau, personal references, and any other general information about your family´s economic situation; general information regarding health, blood type, information regarding disease or allergies, congenital diseases, food restrictions, clinic records, psychological and/or psychiatric cond itions, doctor´s contact information in case of emergency, current or previous medical treatments, religion, hobbies, and sports.
The previous personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information is collected and managed according to strict administrative, physical and technical security measures, which guarantee confidentiality at all times, and since such information is necessary to provide such services by The Responsible in case of failure to provide any, the aforementioned services might not be provided properly.
Besides, additional personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information not included above might be managed, as long as such information is the same type as the previous information, and does not exceed the purposes for which it is collected.

Purpose and Use of Personal Information.- Your personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information shall be collected and managed, including but not limited to, for the following purposes: to provide educative services, send announcements, send announcements from teachers to parents or guardians, contact parents or guardians, inform about the student´s academic status, inform about the school community events, form the academic and administrative record, analyze scholarship applications, analyze issues regarding additional charges for due payments, produce documents and obtain certificates issued by the Ministry of Public Education, as well as to satisfy the requirements established by such Authority and/or any other Government Authority, to assess the quality of the services provided and perform statistical studies about such assessment , to provide school bus service, to organize camps, field trips, and cultural visits, and for teaching, marketing and/or publicity purposes. Your information might be used for other purposes, provided that such purposes match the aforementioned purposes and are considered similar.
The Responsible shall follow the legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportion and responsibility principles provided by law, when using and managing personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information.

Personal Information Transfer.- In order to comply with this Privacy Notice, your personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information might be transferred or managed in Mexico, by individuals different from The Responsible. Your information might be shared with entities or individuals providing services, in order to fulfill the School´s obligations. The Responsible might share your information with entities or companies who provide it with services, to fulfill its obligations. Besides, The Responsible might transfer to parents or guardians information about their children´s classmates, just their names, telephone number, and e-mail, in order to inform about academic community events. The Responsible shall guarantee, by means of agreements, that such third parties follow the security, administrative, physical and technical measures to protect the personal information, as provided by this Privacy Notice. Likewise, The Responsible shall not sell or transfer your personal, financial or property and/orsensitive information to third parties not related to the School without your consent. If you do not authorize your personal information to be transfered, please send an e-mail at, to inform you do not grant yout authorization.

Protection of Personal Information.- The Responsible has established security, administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information against damage, loss, alteration, destruction, or unauthorized use, access or management. Access to your personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information shall be limited to the individuals who must have access to such information, to pursue the purposes included in this Privacy Notice.

Rights Regarding your Personal Information.- You are entitled to exercise the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights ("ARCO" Rights) provided by Law. You can also revoke, at any time, your consent regarding the management of your personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information, and request that such information be deleted, or the use or release restricted.
In order to exercise the "ARCO" Rights, you can use the corresponding forms available at, which, according to your petition, you must fill out and send at; you must also include the information required in each. Your petition shall be answered in no more than 20 business days as of the reception, and it shall be sent in writing to the e-mail or post address you provide in the corresponding form.

Changes to the Privacy Notice.- The Responsible might update and/or change this Privacy Notice at any time, either partially or in full, in order to follow any legal disposition, as well as to follow internal policies or to satisfy requirements to provide the services so, if such Notice is updated or amended, it shall be published in our Tell me on Tuesdays newsletter, and it shall also be sent to the last e-mail you may have provided us with, or you can also consult it in our website, and/or at The Right Holder must inform The Responsible about any modification or update regarding his e-mail.

By reading and accepting this Privacy Notice, you grant your express consent to manage and transfer your personal, financial or property and/or sensitive information, to pursue the purposes described herein. Further, you authorize The Responsible on a free basis, to use, for academic and/or publicity purposes, the photographs and/or audio visual materials produced by your children or in which they appear, as well as papers and assignments produced or co-produced by your children during school activities. Such authorization shall be in writing, with your signature, electronic signature, or any other legal mechanism.

Be informed that this Privacy Notice was amended on December 8, 2017.